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A connectivity solution for point-of-care devices.

Diagnostic testing at the point-of-care (POC), such as in clinics or pharmacies, is rapidly growing in popularity because it allows patients to get their results in minutes, not days. NeoSync enables POC devices to be connected to the cloud, whilst utilising data in interesting ways.


NeoSync™ is a digital solution that connects medical diagnostic devices. NeoSync runs on medical devices as middleware, transferring data between devices and the cloud. It also provides simple dashboards that allow clinicians to view patient results and service technicians to support the devices remotely.

The problem space

Most diagnostic devices are not digitally connected due to the complex privacy and security requirements of medical environments. This results in clinicians having to spend time manually typing test results into the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. Service technicians also cannot service the devices remotely, often requiring on-site visits to retrieve device logs which is costly to the Vendor.

The Process

We followed a persona-first approach throughout design and development to ensure that all its features were effective and relevant for identified user groups.

For the Clinic facing portal, we found that integrating with NeoSync eliminated the need for manual data entry, and so a portal to be able to troubleshoot any issues with orders being sent to the EHR was all that was required for an interface.

For the Vendor Portal, we found that device vendors needed a way to upgrade firmware remotely, and access logs to troubleshoot device issues without the need for on-site visits. Additionally, Vendors were incentivised by the ability to view where their devices were being deployed, and how they were being used. This allowed us to explore different ways to visualise test throughput data to add value to the Vendor.

Simplifying a lengthy manual process

To fully understand the extent of the problem and the context of the user, Planet Innovation conducted extensive user and market research. It was found through speaking to clinic managers and admins, that they were manually typing results into the EHR for every test.

A typical clinic may have four to six POCT instruments and conduct between 70 to 100 tests per day. Lack of connectivity between instruments and the EHR system means clinicians spend valuable hours every day on manual data admin. Saving three to five minutes of clinician time per test translates to an extra three to four hours of time that can be spent on face-to-face patient care each day.

NeoSync solves the problem of manual data entry by automating the transfer of test results to EHR systems.

Visibility of device status from afar

For service technicians, NeoSync allows remote access to error logs, proactive fault identification and over-the-air upgrades. 

We wanted users to "fall into success" without much effort, and for the value of the data presented to be disproportionate to the effort required to integrate. This led to design decisions which empower the safe and compliant movement of data whilst impacting integrations as minimally as possible.

Our approach was to focus on delivering exceptional user value, providing users on the vendor portal access to data about how their devices were being used in the field.

The result

NeoSync was recognised with Good Design Award within the Software category in 2022.

NeoSync helps medical device vendors to track the performance of their devices, in use within pharmacies and labs. A NeoSync client explained the benefits they received:

“As our fleet of deployed instruments grows, it is very valuable for us to remotely understand how each instrument is performing, including knowing its test count and consumable use. NeoSync was integrated in just a few weeks and will improve our device’s uptime while significantly reducing support costs.”